Hey, I just wanted to get this off my chest. Im sarah, i have tbi from a bad concussion. I hit my head in the frontal lobe. I lost a girlfriend “french” whose I was with for almost a year. I lost her bc i lost myself. French thought she lost me too to other girl named “A” whom is expert for destroying peoples relationship. For 9+ months recovery, I realized I still love french. How will I ever get her back? It was never her fault. I know I’m an idiot and concussion was a mess.

First, so sorry to hear about your concussion. Does she understand the full extent of your concussion, how it affected you?  Have you told her how you feel? That’s the first place to start. Open up your heart and let her know what she means to you. And then fight like hell to win her back because as cheesy as it sounds love is really worth fighting for. Good luck on what you decide, and have an amazing day!