Hi Erica again. So, I spent a good while with my therapist, we talked & I breathed. I told her I wrote to you & she asked me what I said, I told her & she pointed out that what I said could be misunderstood. So, I didn’t mean to bash the pride parades, my stress wasn’t because of them it was because of the apparently imagined expectation I thought everyone had for me. My therapist believes I’m projecting because part of me believes I should be out there. It’s not getting easier, it does on TV.

Thanks for updating me. Glad to hear from you :)) It’s okay, no worries about the whole pride parade thingy. I’m not going to comment about your therapy, mostly because I’m not qualified to do so. I do think it’s pretty cool you continue to address issues that bother you. As lame and cheesy as it sounds (and yes I can be lame and cheesy a lot), I’m proud of you. I mean it’s never easy dealing with problems (which is why most people avoid doing so). Anyway,  have an amazing weekend, Erica!