Hey, Jeni, Jay here. Can I ask what the problem is between lesbians & guys. Like gay guys & women are so close but we aren’t. You’re the second lesbian I ever spoken to; the first one, it didn’t go well. A few other guys online have said that lesbians seem to really not like them & I remember some of your asks were actually about that. I mean you’re awesome, I’d LOVE to hang out with you arguing about TV & we could both be each other wingmen. You’d help I’d hinder but irl it doesn’t exist. Why?

I don’t speak for all lesbians, so Jay I’ll speak about my own experiences. NO. Based on my personal experience, lesbians as a group don’t hate guys. For example, I have some really amazing guy friends, and no they aren’t just friends with me based on some sexual ulterior motive (I know there’s an anon out there that will message me that). They know I’m lesbian, I know they’re straight and none of that matters. Do some women who identify as lesbian express distrust or resent toward men? Yes. That distrust is based less on their sexual preference and more on their life experiences or societal factors. For example, when some straight guys dismiss a lesbian’s sexual preference as being “a phase”or “they just need to be with a guy” or “you don’t know what you missing” or “just try dick and you’ll like it” or “I can fuck the lesbian right out of you.” When you hear shit like that you become defensive and untrusting. And trust me I’ve heard everyone of the examples I just listed. Sadly, nice guys like you sometimes get lumped in with the douches. The whole “all lesbians hate guys” thing is a stereotype that has been fostered over the years. Again, I don’t speak for all lesbians. But this lesbian has no problem having guy friends.